Misty Valley Ranch - Pictures

March 2008.  Heated shop to left and new house.  Looking east.

December 2008.  View west from the livingroom of the new house.

January 2009.  Looking west from the deck.

Spring 2004.  Mist in Nitchi valley.  A wild sunset.  It poured rain later this evening.  Fair Creek in foreground

June 2008.  Deer and fawns out my office window.

View to the West. Shop on right and old modular home pad

August 2004.  Latest view down the lane.  New barn completed.  New leantos
under construction.  New dog house and lots of new fencing.  Old borrow pit filled
in and landscaped.  Access road rebuilt and gravelled!

July 2004.  "Rent-a-Cows" keeping the grass under control.

Summer 2005.  Cows, Oil & Gas, Pasture and Forest.

Dog house made of old shed that came with the property.  Vinyl siding and metal roof.

Dogs with a new bone found in pasture.

September 2004.  Last dog house made from old shed with leanto added and completed in winter run north of house.

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